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2024-2 February

February 1, 2024

Fraternal Benefits Message – February 2024

This is the month for Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget that dozen roses, the heart-shaped box of chocolates, the card, or the gift as a token of your love and letting your loved one know how much they mean to you. And if you want to really let them know how much you love them, take a few minutes with me and take stock of where you are with your life insurance and disability insurance coverage. With so many spouses in the workplace, it would be neglectful to not make sure they are properly protected. Many households rely on two incomes to pay the bills and the loss of either one, to an untimely death or an illness or accident that means one is unable to work, can be devastating. The Knights of Columbus investment strategy is motivated by morality, not money and each year we remain as one of the top ranked insurance organizations, and stay dedicated to this vision that will keep the Order financially sound for generations to come.

“Faithful Catholics have choices when buying life insurance, but they know that at the Knights of Columbus their policy is supplied by an insurer that shares their moral and ethical values and is guided in all of its investment and sales practices by those values.”

Contact me today to learn more about how to use your membership to secure the correct financial protection for you and your family.

Ryan Janak – Field Agent


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