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2024-3 March

March 1, 2024

March 2024 – Fraternal Benefits Message

The Knights of Columbus offers many options when it comes to protecting your financial

interests and your family. I can show you how to move assets into a tax-free

environment. This can be important for many reasons. The key is deciding what is most

important to you and how you can use the various products we offer to your advantage.

Estate planning, legacy planning, and positioning your finances to maximize the

greatest benefit both to you and your family is what we provide. We do this by offering

some of the best policies available. Of course, we offer life insurance for immediate

family protection and final expenses, but there is so much more we offer in the way of

giving the greatest benefit to all your assets and protecting what you have accumulated

with many types of protection products. Give me a call and find out how the Knights of

Columbus that you serve can best serve you. There’s only one life insurance Company

that belongs to you. From the beginning, the Knights of Columbus has been determined

to offer insurance by brother Knights for brother Knights and to uphold the Catholic

commitment that has animated our Order since Father McGivney’s time. Have a great

month and I hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan Janak – Field Agent


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